About Reformed Roofing

Reformed Roofing began with an honest desire to help people. When our founder, Dustin Allen, first started in roofing, he witnessed many homeowners get ripped off by transient contractors coming in and out of the North Texas market. He felt that because of the burden created by many poorly done contracts, there would be a new posture necessary to set himself apart.

Though there was much good to be seen in the roofing and restoration space, Dustin couldn’t help but see the need for change. But to change something it needs to be reformed. And that’s why we are Reformed Roofing. We gladly step in to bridge the gap created by many bad contractors and bring reform in the areas necessary to do just that. It is our greatest joy when a customer trusts us to restore their home to better than its pre-storm condition.

Dustin’s life has been restored, reestablished, regenerated and reformed by the saving power of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loves all of these different words to describe what God has done, but could only choose one to name his roofing company. Next time you see Dustin, ask him to share his story. You will no doubt be encouraged by hearing about who he used to be and seeing who he has become.

Soli deo Gloria!


Expert Roofing Services You Can Trust!

We are in the people business first and the roofing business second. People do business with those they like and trust, and to us, trust is a series of promises kept. It’s earned by knowing the right thing to do and doing it even when no one is watching. We know that in order for a business relationship to be formed there has to be trust, and we want to earn your trust and gain a customer for life!